Cinderella Attends Her Twenty-Fifth High School Reunion

Dianalee Velie

I walked into the room and everyone rose,
being their queen now, I expected it.
Prince charming had died, of a concussion,
after losing his balance dancing around
in my eight inch heeled Jimmy Choo,
emerald-encrusted shoes, custom made
of course and one of a kind like
the glass slippers my kinky old
fairy godmother set upon my feet
more than 25 years ago.
Ever try to walk in glass? Eight-inch
heels feel like slippers in comparison.

I should have known about his foot fetish
then. Who else would have run around
the realm looking for the other shoe?
For his own benefit, he kept me exquisitely
shod, so I never complained.
My fairy, ball gown also enticed him.
He wallowed in its magical layers, dying
to duplicate the mysterious sparkling fabric,
but never could, so he donned it in
his private chambers every night until
my treasured keepsake now looks like trash.
It will never be viewed in the royal museum.

All of you knew the prince was dainty.
Whispers abounded, in that slum school
I was forced to share with you all, about his
sexual preference and they were correct.
Happily ever after left me with no children
but a dynamite coach man who disappears
at midnight. Perfect set up, Godmother,
you are pure genius! But now for the real
reasons I am here. I look great for my age,
daily massages, pedicures, facials, manicures
and a few nip-tucks have kept the royal plastic
surgeon and his entourage quite busy.

I needed to show off and launch
my new shoe line, Cinderella Slippers,
fit like a dream; feel like a queen.
Godmother has perfected her design sense
and will invent them all. Try them
and feel enchanted. The new manufacturing
facility will be built on your confiscated lands.
We will be hiring many of you as compensation.
Applications may be picked up at
the drawbridge before the castle moat.
So, ta-ta, my coachman awaits and I must scurry.
before he turns into the stallion who pulls my surrey.


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