i should have watched your eyes

Jim Bennett

it was one of those moments when the world changed when towers fell when a bullet reached for Kennedy’s head let out the echo of Marilyn singing happy birthday to a soon to be corpse

those picture remain like bricks in a wall conspiracies waiting for the bull dowser to rip them apart and reveal their hidden surfaces in there somewhere in that wall is the lies you brought to our alter and the sacrifice of blood made when you made a promise

but it wasn’t just a promise was it it was an oath and like some oathsworn you were cursed for breaking it cursed by whatever devils move through the world drag at your skin at night poke burning strands into adipose

in the first of the morning light when fingers move along rib cage like a token rosary

i should have watched your eyes they let light into your dark places show the lurking moments when your feelings skulk in the edges of a smile incomplete insincere and irresolute in the corners always in the corners the mouth that doesn’t quite turn up enough the creases that mark laughter round your eyes that do not move enough, the half smile that shows contempt

but then your eyes your eyes i should have watched your eyes i should have watched your eyes seen the sword of hate that swept at me and cut me down brought all i was to some sorry state wondering what was happening while you smiled but your eyes did not


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