Arthur C. Ford, Sr.

People, People the headlines say:

“Before society puts you away

Cast your votes, place your bets

Make sure you get your dose of sucsex”.

It’s two in one if you get all

One will only get you balled

The other keeps you on the screen

And smitten your life in magazines.

With beauty, brawn, oh yes!


You challenge neighboring

And third world nations.

You sing, you dance, and act to script

You “break a leg” and “break a hip”,

You pierce a lip, you sink a ship

Not really caring

What happens next

Sucsex! Sucsex! Sucsex!

You build a mansion, but forget a deck

You wear a clock around your neck,

Sculpting wood and your anatomy

You win a statue at the Academy.

Spondee.spandex,trochee you’re next

The stress, the strain

You change your name,

A spoon’s too small, rehab.’s your call

You smoke, you drink

Your agent thinks

What song’s the best?

Sucsex! Sucsex! Sucsex!


why do we call them”Stars”?

For they’re not out of reach!

And they can’t warm a beach!

So! why do we call them “Stars”?


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