Cemetery Gates

Clare Holman-Hobbs

I’ve picked the spot
Behind one and two
They’ve been here a while
Too loved to survive
Too far to be loved
How did you pass these gates?

A young pilgrim
Walked a lonely path
When I stopped you
An oasis
A mirage
A siren some say
I drank you in
Felt your bones
Good enough for me
Good enough for my cemetery

Get my shovel
And dig, dig, dig
Here you are
This ones yours
How deep would you like?
The deeper the better
That way you can never come back
I’ll dig it for you
I may as well
It was I that bought you here

I’ll make you a head stone too
What would you like it to say?
How loved you were?
How missed you will be?
I know all about that
I know what missing you feels like

But I’ll keep you here
And mourn the loss of you
Mourn my life since you left
But you’ll be safe
Away from me
Away from everything that we could have been


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