Kev Patel

Damn you grady
Long time ago/you pushed me down
On my skates.then held me while I cried on your
Letter jacket/through binoculars I saw you
Messing with the one from life science class
Cried alone into my teddy bear’s fur/ wishing Mr. New
Would take me to the dance. So me and my fresh jherri curl
Could show you/a locker next to yours/ followed you
Around for weeks/but distracted by a future crack head
With horrid teeth/on the way to bulimics anonymous offering
my cherry Garcia to any chunky monkey. Now it’s
me and You/ Mr. New/ Mississippi grady after a
hard day’s work you’re a picture of frustrated
masculine sinew with/raw, unashamed passion
for your woman (that’s me)/ you’ve had a
rough day with Mr. Bossman/unload on me. I listen
because it’s my job and I really don’t mind, you know/
I’m sweet and wife like in this new place/ I even rub your shoulders, feet
Complaints melt to moans/ “what’s for dinner, babe?”
And of course there’s a gourmet what’s-it in the oven and
Soon ready/we eat and over dinner/frisky/you take my
Hand/dishes can wait/ and my gawd, do they/and I thought
Hendrix made music/ listen to the bill grady anthem/baby,
We sing billie, ella and gorillaz/we talk, you sleep phone rings/
i wake
to my intrusive as fuck alarm clock and teddy bear/ threw something
on and see you here/remembering dinner/ “morning, ma’am”/ I crumble
those eyes/those teeth/those hands/the attitude
its us/me/you/against them
just like before

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