share with me your secret

Linda Crate

i saw you running
your majesty
dark mane
eyes of hickory
body of darkest pitch
you gazed at me with such startling intelligence
such knowing i wanted to set you free
from behind the fence that secured you,
every living creature should be free
to make their own choices to roam where their
heart contents, but you were scripted
there by some design i couldn’t
undo and so i walked past discontent and aching
your pain echoed in my heart and as you
snorted i knew you knew
misery deeper than
the ocean but joy brighter than any of the suns that
have summered me into being;
i wish you could share the secret of such
happiness with me —
birds chirp and flowers bloom and always in these months have
found me such happiness i could scarce contain,
yet fragments of pain and misery are
edging them away, locked in a chest of discontent
all my fragile dreams seem to be blowing
in the wind like leaves;
cascading love seems to be crushing me beneath the
weight of country roads and their forked tongues
snakelike hiss and snap at me,
causing me to jump
breaking all my fragility into the open so they can smirk at the
foolishness of my chipping heart for have fallen in such deep love.

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One Comment on “share with me your secret”

  1. john pallister
    16/07/2014 at 08:53 #

    Loved this piece it flowed very well and I felt a strong connection to the piece as I was engrossed in the imagery and the words you beautifully create


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