Submission Guidelines

We accept poetry, short fiction and photography submissions on a rolling basis. Our journal publishes issues on a roughly quarterly basis depending on the quantity and quality of submissions received. Please allow three weeks before following up on your submission.

Please submit all submission queries to: c121poetry[at]gmail[dot]com

For poetry, please submit 2-3 poems in the body of your email, as we will delete attachments unread, with “Poetry Submission, [Your Name]” as the subject. There are no requirements or restrictions on the length or style of poetry submissions.

For short fiction, please submit up to 2 pieces with a cumulative count of no more than 2,000 words. On a case-by-case basis we will consider outstanding long fiction pieces. Your work should be submitted in the body of your email with “Fiction Submission, [Your Name]” as the subject.

For photography, please submit a website where we can view some examples that are evocative of your work. We exhibit the work of one photographer per issue.

Should you have any specific requirements or notes on special formatting for your work or would like us to provide critical commentary or explanation on our decision regarding your submission, please indicate in your first email.

Reprints are welcome. But please remember to inform us of the name(s) and date(s) of previous publications.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. But please remember to inform us should your submission(s) be accepted elsewhere so that we can note co-publication, if necessary.

We would love to share your story as an author or photographer so please feel free to include a brief (one paragraph) bio.

Submission to CENTURY 121 allows the journal one-time and non-exclusive anthology rights. Feel free to use your work with other journals and publications but please afford us a 60-day period to showcase it here and remember to acknowledge publication in this journal. CENTURY 121 reserves the right to use your work in future issues and/or anthologies. For those looking to borrow a work for use outside the magazine, please remember, you need the writer’s or photographer’s  permission based on the Creative Commons license, not ours.

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